Digital SOC Tests

What is a ATE digital test engineer supposed to know?

  1. What is DC Scan?
  2. What is AC Scan?
  3. If the output of a scan chain is stuck at low, how do you debug it?
  4. If a particular scan pin/location fails, how do you debug it?
  5. How do you differentiate between process corners?
  6. How do you test PLLs?
  7. What is the typical amount of IDDQ current on a SOC?


  1. Shmoo Plotting : The Black Art of IC Testing: Keith Baker and Jos van Beers, Philips ED&T & Philips Research Laboratories
  2. An Introduction to Scan Test for Test Engineers: Markus Seuring, Verigy
  3. VLSI SoC Design Concepts, Perspective & Implementation
  4. Exploring the Basics of AC Scan: Alfred L. Crouch, Inovys
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